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The best relationship help advice may be to use common sense and think before you act

You hear relationship help advice on a daily basis directing you keep your love life fresh and new by always paying compliments and using little lovey-dovey terms of endearment towards the one we love. This is great relationship help advice and your relationship will definitely be better in the long run if you apply these compliments on a daily basis.

Even though honesty is the best policy, and by all means you should try your best to always be honest, sometime it pays to keep your thoughts to yourself. Let’s discuss a few things that although appearing quite humorous to the casual observer, can and will result in extreme emotional discomfort to the one you love.

•    Even though it may be true your spouse knows all too well that they have gained a few extra pounds, therefore they really don’t need you to constantly tell them how fat they are. They can see in the mirror and when the time is right they will start a program to shed a few pounds. A much better approach may be for the two of you to take a walk after dinner or figure out ways for you both to become active together.

•    No matter how your mother did things, you didn’t marry your mother. Every one does things in their own way. Making constant comparisons to your mother is a sure fire way to bring discomfort into your relationship. Live your own life and let your parents live theirs.

•    When your spouse is trying hard to make you happy they are doing so in their own unique way. Never criticize them when they are trying after all they are trying to do their best to please you. A much better approach would be to dig in and help out and suggest other ways to get things done that are more to your liking.

•    Never ever compare your mate to anybody in your past, if the person in your past was so special you should have stayed with them. It doesn’t matter how good that person was in bed, to make a comparison would definitely kill your relationship.

The best relationship help advice may be to use common sense and think before you act. It’s a whole lot easier than to try to patch things up after the damage has been done.

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