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Catching A Cheating Spouse-How And Why You Should Check Phone Records

catch a cheating spouse

Before your attempt at catching a cheating spouse, have a system in place to know what and how to handle the situation

Catching a cheating spouse is on the minds of many a suspicions partner, and many people are unaware of easy and inexpensive ways to learn the truth. If you are harboring suspicions that your relationship may be in jeopardy because of the actions of a cheating spouse, confirming those suspicions may be easier than you thought. Obtaining the services of a private investigator can be a money drain that you may be able to do without. Thanks to the wonders of this electronic age we now live in, obtaining proof may be as easy as checking cell phone records.

Most cheaters are looking for ways to not be detected, and using the home phone is extremely hazardous to their cheating ways. They really don't want you or the kids to accidentally pick up the phone. Most cheating spouses will instead use their more convenient cell phone and you can use this fact to your advantage..

The only tricky and risky thing you will need to do is to find a convenient time to get a hold of your spouses cell phone. Cell phones keep very accurate lists of records in their call logs. Dates of calls, times of calls sent and received and even missed calls are conveniently recorded on the phones call log..

Some important things to note while searching the phone are for numbers you are unfamiliar with and the frequency of calls to a particular number. Cheaters usually make calls at odd times that are more convenient to them. It is equally important to check the text logs for suspicions messages. Many cheaters forget to delete these messages even though it is easier to do so.

Checking the actual phone bill when it arrives is also a very good way to look for signs of a cheating spouse. Most cell phone bills list the phones usage on the monthly bill summary. Checking these bills for erratic call patterns and unusual or unrecognizable phone numbers is an easy way to gain valuable information.

There are certain cell phone companies that do not itemize their phone bills, but if you are the one who pays the bills a quick call to the phone companies service department can get that changed for you. Even one months itemized bill can get you the knowledge for catching a cheating spouse..

Other more obvious ways of catching a cheating spouse  is by simple observation. Take note when the phone is suddenly hung up when you enter the room or their voices suddenly appear lowered. By using the above mentioned pointers you may be able to discover if your spouse is trying to hide things from you

Before your attempt at catching a cheating spouse, have a system in place to know what and how to handle the situation. Be aware of your next move. CLICK HERE and discover your next plan of action

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Catching A Cheating Spouse

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