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I want my husband back is a very common thought on the minds of women who are separated from their spouses due to a physical or emotional breakup

I want my husband back is a very common thought on the minds of women who are separated from their spouses due to a physical or emotional breakup. Let’s face it most people don’t really want a divorce especially after being together for any length of time. All may not be lost. Depending on the circumstances of the split getting your relationship back together may be tough to do but probably not impossible.

Here are a few things to consider if you haven’t already tried them, Other couples have found that by following a few simple things they can get back with their ex and get on with lives.

•    Over time many men get the feeling that their relationship is closing in on them, they think their wives have a strangle hold on them and she wont let them out of her sight. Some men get along just fine being with their wife twenty four hours a day, but a lot of them just need a little space. Sometime it can be as simple as a night out with his buddies or being alone working on a project in the garage. Allow him a little freedom and he may just enjoy his time with you a little bit more.

•    If your relationship has reached the breakup point you will be better off by limiting your contact with him even though that little voice in the back of your head keeps saying call him. Everyone needs time to sort out their feelings and chances are he is just as upset and confused as you are. Get in touch to quickly and he may get the feeling you are being too pushy. Keep your distance for a while after all you both need time to sort your feelings out.

•    It really doesn’t matter what or who caused the problems that led up to your separation, when the time is right you are both going to have to sit down and talk things over. Each of you are going to have to take an objective look into your own faults and come to an agreement as to what and who need to make the changes. During these talks you will have to learn to be a good listener, everyone has an opinion and you need to be attentive to each others.

•    There are times when people get so involved in their work or other activities outside their home that they bring their troubles home with them. Leaving your troubles at the door will have to be a main priority or your love life will continually suffer. Each of you need to find time to show how important you are to each other, after all it’s going to take two of you working together to make your relationship work. One person cannot do it all alone.

•    Above all when you finally get him to talk to you listens to every thing that is said, address his problems and calmly let your feelings be known. Emotions are going to be running in high gear and every ones feelings are important to them. Handle the situation as calmly and as civilized as possible.

Not all things work for everyone but chances are, if you keep a positive attitude and pick and choose what you think will work in your situation your chances of getting back with your ex will be greatly improved.

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